about petsmile

Hi, I'm Bruce Qin, the founder of Petsmile. Let me tell you a bit about us.

Originated from love

"Your love of pets is what matters most, Petsmile is just your way to show it."

We love pets deeply, and we see them as family members. The joys that pets can bring to our family is from every contact - those strokes, cuddles, kisses, and the puppy licks. But we also know about the poops, the wees, the itchiness, and the stinky body smells. This special connection is where everything started - we wanted to build a connection between pets and humans, and bring them closer.

How Petsmile Started

As pet keepers ourselves, we have seen our pets suffer from skin and fur conditions. The current solutions available on the market are either not liked by our paw friends, too troublesome to be a daily health routine, or quite expensive. We noticed that brushing has been one of the most frequent activities that we do with our pets. So the question “what if we can keep our pets free from microorganisms and odors by simply brushing them?” came to mind, and we worked for a perfect solution for both the pets and their keepers - and that's how Petsmile started.

Our Mission

Petsmile wants to bring more physical and spiritual happiness for pets and their human keepers, so we created a range of products that can keep them healthy and comfortable, all the while, building more connections between pets and humans. The name "Petsmile" is our ultimate wish - to keep our pets smiling. We are not only feeding our pets, but also helping them live a better life. Woof and Meow to that!

Along the way of Petsmile’s creation, a percentage of the profits is whole-heartedly donated to the Shenzhen Stray Animal Rescue Center and to start a workshop of human psychotherapy from pets, which we will call "Life Education Center".

Made by Healthy Materials for Pet's Health

Take a look at most of the pets grooming products out there and you’ll find that they are filled with chemicals and potential skin irritants (for pets and humans). Our product ideas were inspired by nature - the air gets clean and fresh after a thunderstorm because of the ions. This philosophy is safe for both the furry and fur-less bodies in our home.

Zero Chemistry & Eco-Friendly

We care about lives and our mother earth - so we don’t use any nasty chemicals, synthetic fragrances or animal products.

ROS Technology

ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) technology, which is the core technology of Petsmile, charges oxygen from the air to form ions along the ionization generator. The ions are attracted to airborne particles like microorganism, odor, VOC’s, allergens and other air pollutants. The ions latch onto and neutralize any contaminants they come to contact with. This technology has been widely used in the air purification industry and proven to be effective and safe. Now, we are bringing it to our pet's life.