Petsmile Petcare Brush

30s Daily Grooming to Keep Pets Healthy & Stylish!

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Keep Your Pets Healthy While Looking Good in 30s

Petsmile is the world's first skin- and haircare brush for pets. It keeps your pets' skin and hair free of fungi and bacteria with a simple 30s daily grooming.

30 Seconds A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

Pets have long suffered from fungi, bacteria, mites and fleas, which continue causing diseases to their skins and hairs. Petsmile effectively eliminates or removes them from your pets to prevent health issues from happening in just 30-60 seconds a day.

99.9% Effective & 100% Safe

Petsmile is 99.9% effective and 100% safe thanks to its patented Plasma Purification Technology. 

A Purrr-fect Brush & Massager for Pets

Glide Petsmile petcare brush over your pets' coat to effortlessly remove all the loose hairs, knots, tangles, dander and dirt on them, making their hair soft, smooth and shiny. Oh, and it gives a little massage to your pets as well, they just love it!

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