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Petsmile Waterless Cleaning Brush
Petsmile Waterless Cleaning Brush
Petsmile Waterless Cleaning Brush
Petsmile Waterless Cleaning Brush
Petsmile Waterless Cleaning Brush

  • World's first waterless cleaning brush for pets
  • 3-in-1: Antimicrobial + Deodorization + Grooming
  • Two modes for pets of different ages and sizes
  • Rotatable bristle for easy grooming in all positions
  • Works on all varieties of coats
  • Release built up hairs from the bristles with a single push of a button


Keep Your Pets Healthy While Looking Good

Petsmile Waterless Cleaning Brush is the world's first skin and hair care brush for pets. Featuring patented ionization purification, Petsmile eliminates the fungi, bacteria, mites, fleas, and odors on your pet's skin and hair, preventing them from getting skin and hair conditions in a simple 30-60 seconds of daily grooming.

Germ & Odor


Quick Session

99% Effective

100% Safe

Brush Massager

Rotatable Bristle


Hair Release

3-6 Months

Battery Life

Visible Effects on Pet's Skin & Fur Health

Hair loss, itchy skin, and skin diseases are some of the most commonly seen skin and fur conditions for pets. It breaks our hearts to see our pets continuously suffer from these conditions. Petsmile Petcare Brush effectively eliminates the microorganisms and reduces these conditions on pets.

Less Hair Loss

Less Itchy Skin

Less Skin Allergies

Enjoy a Quick & Dry Bath

Our paw friends don't like taking showers or having things sprayed on them despite grooming being an essential part of their daily lives. With Petsmile, you can keep your environment dry and pet free of harmful microorganisms and odors in a way they enjoy. Help them love staying clean and refreshed!

100% Clean & Safe

Petsmile's patented ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) Technology generates oxygen molecules with high oxidizability, which surrounds the harmful microorganisms on your pets until they are fully decomposed or deactivated.

How It Works

Step 1: Along with the ionization tube inside the brush, oxygen from the air is charged to form ions.

Step 2: The ions are released from the brush onto your pet's skin and hairs.

Step 3: The ions latch onto and neutralize any microorganisms - like fungi, bacteria, viruses, and mites they may come into contact with.

Step 4: Over 99% of microorganisms are neutralized and eliminated from your pet's skin and hairs.

Certified Effectiveness

Petsmile's microorganism purification capability is fully tested and certified by authoritative labs.

A Dedicated Mode for Small Pets

Petsmile Waterless Cleaning Brush has two decontamination modes, Light and Standard. 

The Light mode has a lighter decontamination intensity and saves more energy - a level made for pets in their younger age (≤ 12 months for cats, and ≤ 18 months for dogs) or small-size pets. 

While the Standard mode has a higher decontamination intensity and works for pets of higher age or larger size. 

Both modes are safe and effective pets of any age or size - picking the right intensity level offers a better experience for your pets and a longer battery life.

A Purrr-fect Pet Brush

Easy Hair Grooming

Petsmile itself is a great slicker brush. Glide it over your pet's coat to effortlessly remove all the loose hairs, knots, mats, tangles, dander, dirt, and whatever else life throws at them to make a soft, smooth, and shiny coat.

Rotatable Bristles for Omni-Grooming

The rotatable bristle makes it possible to easily groom your pets in various positions, leaving no blind spot behind.

Awww, It's So Comfy!

With Petsmile, every grooming session is a soothing massage for your pets. It's no longer a routine job, but quality time you can spend with your pets!

Works for All Kinds of "Furry"

Pets come in different shapes and sizes and their coat is no different. Bearing this in mind, Petsmile is designed to work with pets with all kinds of hair types and lengths.

Smooth Coat

Double Coat

Long Coat

Wire Coat

Curly Coat

Short Coat

One-Button Hair Release

Cleaning Petsmile waterless cleaning brush is a breeze. Simply release the hairs on the bristles with a single push of the button.

Sleek & Thoughtful Design

Pet- and User-Friendly

Petsmile is a connecting point between pets and their keepers. We’ve taken both sides' experiences into consideration when designing the product - Keeping pets healthy, comfortable and safe, all the while being ergonomically and intuitively easy to use for the keepers.

How to Use

Bristle Angle Adjustment

Press the angle adjustment button and adjust the bristle’s angle to the desired position.

Decontamination Switch

Turn on the switch before grooming to eliminate the microorganisms and odors on your pets.

One-Button Hair Release

Press the hair release button to release any build up on the bristles.

There's An Option for Your Pet

Petsmile waterless cleaning brush comes in two colors: White and Black. Get the one that aligns with your pets' style!

Get One Petsmile For Each of Your Pets

Pets are more sensitive to smell than human beings. Things with their own smell are their "territories". Like our boys and girls who want a set of everything of their own, get a dedicated Petsmile for each of your pets!

Product Review

"A bath but with no water. Genius! Perfect for cats and dogs that don't like baths."

"It's amazing how it works and the technology behind it!"

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Is Petsmile Waterless Cleaning Brush good for long hair and short hair pets?

Yes, Petsmile Waterless Cleaning Brush is designed to work for both long hair and short hair pets.